Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This is Malaysia's Pagoh, not Germany!

I now go to Singapore sometimes as often as twice a month, each time for a week or so. In between meetings, I usually swung by Kuala Lumpur, since idling away in a hotel room in Singapore is a torture to me. Moreover, over in Malaysia, I have my own pad - a cosy apartment in Saujana Resort - and a toy car which I need to spin around a little from time to time to prevent battery failure.

I didn't feel like catching a flight today. There are two coach companies in the building where my principal's office is. I decided to try out First Coach.
The coach pulled out of its station punctually. Traffic at both the immigration checkpoints was a breeze. (Notwithstanding, some people were still trying to beat fellow travelers to the counters; very cheeena in behaviour indeed!)

R&R at Pagoh, Johor, Malaysia
The coach stopped at Pagoh's R&R lay-by for a twenty minute break. The modest eatery there was a pleasant surprise! The tables were spotlessly clean! No flies!!! The staff displayed the highest level of service etiquette and hygiene - the cutlery was dry and the food was pretty good. Peeping into the kitchen, I could see that the food-preparation staff even had had their gloves on! This eatery can put even the food courts in Singapore to shame! Chinese hawkers the world over should go there to learn the ABCs of public hygiene!

I did have a complaint, though - I asked for "Tea-O-kosong"; what was served had sugar in it. Sweet-toothness is still very much a part of us! 

Another surprise: the young lady manning the counter at the mini-market could speak good English - not the Fellali variety you hear so often nowadays! Oh, I forgot to mention Pagoh is part of Muar, where I hail from. No wonder!

19 August 2013

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