Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pleasant Surprises from MAS and Firefly

Today I received a pleasant surprise from MAS.

In response to my “Those Top Ostriches at MAS”, its Customer Care’s Emily Sheela Koshy wrote me the following message. It is people like Emily who can help save MAS!

30 September 2014
Our ref: GTS 2070-09/2014/ES

Mr. Lim Yu Book

Dear Mr. Lim,

I refer to your article in the Malaysiakini online portal dated 10 September 2014. On behalf of Malaysia Airlines, I deeply regret  the string of unpleasant events you had encountered in connection to your travel with us on MH 148 on the 06th of September 2014 from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur. An in depth investigation had been initiated based on the points raised and our findings have since come in. Please allow me to share this information with you.

In flight meal  main meal choice on MH 148 from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur on the 6th of September 2014

Our checks revealed that the following three main meal choices  and portions  had been catered on the above mentioned flight  :

Main meal choices
Portions catered
Roasted Chicken with Caramelized Shallot Sauce
Steamed Barramundi with Teriyaki Sauce
Slow Braised Beef Ribs

We deeply regret  that  the Steamed Barramundi with Teriyaki Sauce meal choice  had run out by the time it came to your turn during the meal service onboard your flight. While we understand your disappointment, please be assured that we do try to cater for all palates. There are however times, when one selection becomes the favorite choice of many and as in this instance, it runs out.   Notwithstanding this, please be assured  that  the matter as above has since been highlighted to the Food and Beverage Department for their review  and improvement.

Ice cream served on MH 148 on the 06th of September 2014.

Checks confirm  that the brand of ice cream served in Golden Club Class on the above mentioned flight had been the Weiss Bar. The said brand of ice cream had in the past,  been served in both the Golden Club Class and Economy Class. However, after a review of the in flight meal menu in 2014 ,  ice cream was discontinued on Economy Class but was maintained on Golden Club Class.

Availability of  the Temptations  in flight magazines on MH 148 on the 06th of September 2014

At this point in time, there is an ongoing internal realignment exercise involving Golden Boutique, as such the Temptations In-flight sales magazine had been delayed. The September issue of the these magazines were only uplifted onboard all flights on the 10th of September 2014 and was indeed unavailable during your travel.

In flight entertainment

We take note of your disappointment with the in flight entertainment available on our Boeing 777 aircraft type. Please allow me to explain that the in-flight entertainment used on the Boeing 777  fleet  is the Panasonic S3000i system. The  system boasts  55 Hollywood movies, 30 international movies , 172 TV program channels , 73 games, 12 radio channels and  approximately 400 musical CD albums. While we understand your discontentment with the in flight entertainment system, the airline is looking at a fleet renewal plan program to phase out the Boeing 777  fleet  by 2017. This will not only ensure better entertainment system, but also overall comfort.

Enrich online redemption

It was indeed unfortunate that you were unable to redeem your Enrich miles online using your IPAD device.  While  checks by our systems team had confirmed that  customers are able to use  their IPAD device to access our Enrich online portal, it was identified that the Malaysia Airlines website/online portal had experienced  intermittent technical difficulties  between the 03rd  to  the 10th of September 2014.

We are however pleased to note that your redemption was later transacted successfully by our Call Centre team.

Mr. Lim, we trust that the explanation as above serves to clarify the  constructive points you had raised and we once again deeply regret the inconvenience and hassle experienced. The airline's intent is to serve our valued customers as best possible and we would like to restore your faith in Malaysia Airlines . Therefore, as a gesture of goodwill, without prejudice or admission of liability, I am pleased to offer you 10,000 complimentary miles which we will credit into your  Enrich account, MH277394132.

It is without a doubt that the growth we’ve experienced over the years is because of customers like you, who faithfully support our business. We appreciate your trust and support as our valued Enrich Platinum member, and rest assured that we will do our best to continue to give you the kind of service you deserve.

Thank you once again.

Yours sincerely
for Malaysia Airlines,

Emily Sheela Koshy
Customer Care
Customer Services Division

A couple of days earlier, I also received this from Firefly - in response to a complaint I made over the phone on its booking service. 

From: Firefly Customer Care <customer_care@fireflyz.com.my>
Date: 18 September 2014 7:02:02 pm AEST
To: <yubooklim@gmail.com>
Subject: [#12W-38AVYQ]: Greetings from Firefly Airlines

Dear Yu Book Lim,

It has come to our attention that you had experienced such inconvenience during your booking process through our website on 12th Sept 14.
We have done an investigation on the issue and found out that there is no issue with your credit card. However, Maybank has the rules to block their cards from transacting in other currencies if the merchant is from Malaysia and our team had failed to inform you on the real cause of the failed transaction.
In light of this, on behalf our our CEO, Mr Ignatius Ong, we would like to offer you a return ticket, Subang-Singapore-Subang (as attached) for one passenger.
The validity of the voucher is three months.
Hope this clarifies and looking forward to your continued support!
Any inconveniences caused to you is much regretted.

Good day!

Firefly Customer Care

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