Friday, February 27, 2015

Zhengzhou Guided Missile Destroyer (鄭州號導彈驅逐艦)

Someone posted this on Facebook. It is in Cantonese; I am not sure of its authenticity. However, if it is for real, am I surprised by the shoddiness of this Chinese guided missile destroyer? My answer is: Not at all! 

But didn't I just hear from a CCTV programme that some of the warships China possesses are superior than those of US and Japan?

Two "experts" were asked about their opinions on two new warships that Japan is building. Apparently, their design was basically provided by America. These two experts went on to compare their capability with China's equivalent and their conclusion was that China's are superior. What a case of self-exaltation! Or 纸上谈(zer-sang-tarn-ping; conducting a war game on paper)?

Why am I always trying to bash China and Chinese-ness? There is so much we can contribute to the world, but we are giving the world many less than desirable perceptions about China and Chinese, thanks to the way many of us are conducting our lives.

I like to tune in to watch CCTV's channels from time to time. Some documentaries, especially those pertaining to culture and morals, are very enlightening. But some are outright infantile, though, especially the talks given by some scholars on historical figures. I also cannot stand the cookery stuff and many of their reality shows. In the former, you invariably see dirty tiles and greasy pipes in the background, in spite of all the tall Michelin hats these celebrity chefs are wearing. As for the latter, aren't they basically poor imitations of the western varieties?

Going back to the warships, my take is simply this: Unless the whole country has gone through a complete round of hwott-xin-zhang-tan (臥薪嘗膽, the process of soul-searching), going to war with neighbours like Japan will surely bring Chinese all over the world another round of humiliation. China is still far from "developed" in terms of sophistication and fineness in many areas!

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