Friday, January 15, 2016

A Dan Brown in the making...

The following "breaking news" came from a well-intentioned friend two days ago. He said it had come from a well-placed banker friend in the States. I suggested to him that if was meant for Hollywood but he was dead serious about it and contended that I should wait for two months to see it happened. I offered a wager of a RM500-dinner which he has accepted. We both agreed the determination time to be midnight March 5, 2016. 
I am in a mood to take on more bets. Any other taker out there?

* * *

       Ancient Chinese Families (Elders), along with ancient European Sovereigns, have long pooled and still control the vast majority of physical assets on Planet Earth, and have for many centuries.
    This epic wealth exists in a variety of holding areas, in a variety of trusts, and dispersed strategically throughout the world, with little to nothing known about them for security reasons.  Cumulatively they are generally understood as the "Global Collateral Accounts."
     These Global Collateral Accounts have devout keepers who watch over them and protect them as humanity's assets, not their own.  These "keepers" exist all over the world, and go unknown to the general public, again for obvious security reasons.
     These Global Collateral Accounts underwrite every sovereign bond, currency, debt instrument in our modern banking system--without exception regardless of the amount of debt instruments produced as they can cover any man made debt.
     These Global Collateral Accounts have an advanced control system which has been under constant attack since formed in the late 1700's.
     The current Western Banking Elite (Eastern Europe, USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, etc. -- aka "Cabal Governments") have attempted to both steal and replace the Global Collateral Accounts system through means of war, treachery, murder and corruption.  In fact, a 400+ year coordinated attempt to usurp the control mechanism of the Global Collateral Accounts has been endured.
     What we are witnessing now, is the public rejection of that failed but continuous assault, with the vast majority of sovereign nations now fully united in unwinding their fiat based debt banking system and replacing it with a permanent gold backed system of sustainable value.
     These truly United Nations has accepted through signature a single monetary authority(located in China) to be under the control of both the Chinese Elders and European Sovereign Families.
     The Western Fiat Banking System is collapsing under the weight of its own lie, and thus quietly being dismantled via a painful process of margin calls.  This includes the Bank of International Settlements, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Central Banking System, Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, Metals Trading Markets, USA Inc, Cabal Governments, etc..  
     Be advised that the Asian Investment and Infrastructure Bank (AIIB) is a Chinese Elder creation, with exclusive oversight privileges separate from any government, including the China and Russia.  
          However, the BRICS alliance was also created to publicly acknowledge the collection of sovereign nation states committed to following the financial principals of the Chinese Elders and European Sovereigns, who in return for this pledge, get to leverage generations of social benefit loans/funds against the hard asset base of the Global Collateral Accounts.
     Any sovereign nation not abiding by these Chinese Elder / European Sovereign financial principals simply is not allowed to join the AIIB, and thus excluded from accessing Global Collateral Asset wealth.
     No sovereign nation may trade or commence in banking activities with any nation not a good standing member of the AIIB.  Nations are either in with the Chinese Elders or their out.  There are no more in-between games being played after what's gone these last 70 years.
      This global financial structure was originally introduced by the Chinese Elders and agreed to during the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire, post WW2.  But that system has deteriorated into what the current Western Banking System has become--and the world is now getting a tow out of the usury ditch.
      All sovereign nations may join at any time if they agree to abide by Chinese Elder/European Sovereign financial principals.  None are excluded.
      Based on these above facts, no sovereign nation in good standing with the AIIB/BRICS alliance is recognizing the USA, Inc. (figure-headed by corporate spokesman Barak Hussein Obama) as of 1/1/16.
     Also, no sovereign nation associated with the AIIB / BRiCS is allowed to recognize the USA, Inc.'s fiat currency (USD) as being valid starting also on 1/1/16.
     No sovereign nation associated with the AIIB / BRICS is allowed to recognize Pentagon Dark Hat controlled military operation as being representative of the free will of the Republic of the United States citizenry as of 1/1/16.
     Japan has secretly joined AIIB, and this fact is set to be announced at the next AIIB conference January 16-18 in Beijing.
     All 2008, 2015 and 2016 turbulent market crashes were attempts by existing Western Banking System families to retain the illusion of financial dominance, which they technically never had.  That effort has failed.
      All 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009, 20012, 2014, 2015 military conflicts were also attempts by non-Global Collateral Account families to retain the illusion of military dominance, which no government can successfully achieve without the support of the Chinese Elders/European Sovereigns/Global Collateral Accounts by design.  Those efforts have failed as well. 
     Thus all conflicts, be them financial or military, are now being publicly resolved by the Chinese Elders / European Sovereigns as to reset humanity and all cultures, back onto a moral fundamental platform backed in tangible assets, still underwritten by the Global Collateral Accounts.
     Believe nothing verbatim you read, hear or see on mass media as Non Global Collateral Accounts/Western Banking Families influence populations via media devices to act out in their favor, and against their own best interests, and have been doing so since the invention of the printing press.

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