Wednesday, March 30, 2016

KawanU: "Trusted, Reliable & Reputation" Bull-shit!!!

After returning from Melbourne last week, I found my 4-year-old Toshiba fridge in my Serai Suajana apartment not refrigerating at all. I approached a fridge dealer in SS2 for help; unfortunately he couldn’t give me any priority. Out of anxiousness, I surfed the net and came across this KawanU site.
"Trusted, Reliable & Reputation" Bull-shit!!!
It was impressive, except the English. One of its leaders read: Trusted, Realiable & Reputation, followed by “You can try our service, and we always strive to give our best service & solution. Our reputation on satisfied customer, which they willing to always introduce their friends & relative to us.

It was obviously cheeena English, but never mind; I gave the number a call.

Two men duly appeared. “Oh, I see the problem! We have to replace the heater. We have to cart it to our workshop. The heater would cost 399 and workmanship 80. A deposit of 100 is payable.”

They were taking my fridge and yet I had to pay a deposit of 100? Moreover, why should they take the heavy fridge just to replace an element?

Again, never mind lah, since this is what Malaysian tradies do in the country. What choice do I have?

A day later, the office called up. “Water has gone into your sensor; it will cost 121.” Again, what to do?

“We will deliver the fridge on Saturday morning,” the chap over the phone promised.

Came Saturday, no call whatsoever from KawanU. I tried at least 20 times to reach the mobile number that was given. I could only hear the standard “leave a message” voice mail.

I finally got through to them on Monday morning.

“Oh, sorry; someone passed away. We had no handphone to contact anyone.”

That’s the Malaysian way of doing “asset control”, I suppose. Never mind lah, since they had an unforeseen situation.

The fridge was finally delivered. On closer scrutiny, I found the freezer door could not close properly. Again never mind lah, since it is not a new fridge.

We went to the market to pick up fresh supplies – fish, meat, etc.

After a couple of hours, my wife noticed that the fish and meat were not freezing.

It WAS not working.

We called KawanU.

“We will check it out and come back to you in the afternoon.” This was the last time I heard from them.

Fish and meat could not wait; we went straight to pick up a new fridge.

So much for the type of reliable service KawanU is bragging about!

But I just cannot understand why Malaysia-made products do not last. I have a Maytag fridge in Melbourne. It has been with us for donkey years. I had to repair the thermostat once, but the repairman was very professional. He didn’t have to cart the fridge back. I remember it cost only A$150 for the whole job! It is still running strong now.

Don’t count on KawanU to repair your stuff! It is better to go to a dealer you know!


  1. So sorry to hear this. Its typical nowadays of blatant cheating. Thanks YB for spreading the news. There are lots of scums like this around.

  2. this company really cant trusted and reliable. but we have no choice to stop them cheating Malaysian people.

  3. This company totally unreliable. Told me the same story. Heater problem need to bring back to factory. Then after one day say sensor problem. Add another rm140. Come back my fridge sound like some cheap fridge so loud noise. My panasonic used to have no sound. I suspect they take out my original parts n replace with cheap parts. Unethical company. Don't trust this people. KAWANU salak tinggi.

  4. hurmm.. i think i got cheated too.. they took my washing machine last saturday and told me that it will be rapired in 2 days time but until now no news. tried to call and wassap no reply whatsoever. should i report to police?

    1. I am encountering the same problem. They promised to repair my washing machine in 2 days but no news after 1 week. I called so many times. Every time the lady over the phone will say need to ask technician. What a crap. Better call the police.

    2. I am encountering the same problem. They promised to repair my washing machine in 2 days but no news after 1 week. I called so many times. Every time the lady over the phone will say need to ask technician. What a crap. Better call the police.

    3. Hi Awang! Did you received your washing machine already? How is the condition?

    4. report polis tak guna punya,u boleh cuba share beritahu semua orang,awak boleh complaint dekat consumer

  5. Hi,I have the same problem too! Service is lousy.Anywhere are u get back your washing machine yet?

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