Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Misfortune Struck...

Not even in my wildest dream that this could happen to me. And it happened!

My wife and I were having our usual morning walk on August 7. It was a Sunday. The sky was bright and weather pleasant. We had to cross Scotts Road before we hit Cairnhill Road where our apartment is while we are Singapore. The traffic light was red when we reached the pedestrian crossing. When it turned green, we step forward. There was no sign of vehicle coming from the Cairnhill direction.

Half way through, I saw a vehicle speeding towards us. My wife was quick to reach the road divider. I was not hit head-on by the vehicle and landed on its bonnet before being bounced off to the road. It happened so fast, I couldn't remember exactly how it happened, but my left ankle was bleeding profusely.

The cab driver - totally expressionless - and me on the road!
It was a Comfort taxi. The driver did stop and come up of his vehicle. But he did not offer any help at all. The screen of my iPhone had shattered. One of the lady passer-by helped to take a couple of pictures and summoned help. An ambulance came; there was nothing in me to identify myself, since we didn't usually carry anything when we went for our walks. I was rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

I thought it was a small cut on my ankle. Little did I realise that my heel pad had been sheared off! That was the beginning of my nightmare - 48 days in the hospital and 10 surgeries. I don't want to remember the hellish time I spent in the hospital. Unfortunately, the reconstructive surgery to my heel pad did not work, although the fracture to my ankle did heal by itself.

But now I can only walk with a limp, not to mention the scars that are not left on my thigh and ankle.

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The ugly scars on my left thigh

I have to live with this?

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