Sunday, May 25, 2014

Heaven of Filth

The new township of Ara Damansara is supposed to be the pride of Sime Darby Property. It is where its Oasis also is. A drive through this neighbourhood will certainly disappoints. I wrote to the MD of Sime Darby to alert him of the conditions there. He replied, but through his assistant. In short, don't bother us; it is the responsibility of the local council.

Doesn't this attitude speak volumes of the type of managers we have in some of our leading GLCs?

Now you know where lah?

Right under the nose of 7-Eleven
What's the black stuff right by the side of the road?

Right in front of Tesco
These precincts of Damansara, I believe, is largely patronized by office and blue collar workers who work nearby. Most of them are Chinese or Indians. I want to draw some correlation with another place with somewhat similar demographics: Klang. My wife and I went for a drive looking for Padamaran yesterday. A motor cyclist, as he drove past us, just flung something out of his hand - as if it was the most logical way for one to get rubbish out of one's way. Most motorists there also don't bother to queue to turn left or right; they just squeezed their way through from the wrong lanes. The grounds are also no cleaner than those precincts of Ara Damansara I highlighted above.

Casualness about cleanliness, orderliness and hygiene is generally indisputable in Chinese- and Indian-dominated cities and country sides all over the world. Is there anything wrong with the type of "formative" education Chinese and Indians children receive in their schools? Many seem to take this "lack" well into their adulthood and beyond!

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