Monday, June 14, 2021

A Misplaced Disciplinarian

Having been brought up in a Confucian background, I had always been ridiculously hard on my son. He was an obedient boy and a good student. But my expectations were outrageous. I wanted him to always be top in class. When I left for work, I expected him to be at the front door to see me off, and when I returned from work, I also wanted him to be there to receive me. I also expected him to be thoughtful in every Confucian way. If he failed to satisfy me in any of these matters, I would give him hell. On the other hand, I was partial to my daughter. But even then, she must have been pretty unhappy with my  shouts and screams. My wife tried to moderate me, but when I was angry, she knew it was better for her to leave me alone. But deep inside her, she knew I loved my children deeply.

After their graduation, I became totally non-interventionist. But damage had already been done. My son must have resented me greatly. He got married and had three children. He brought them up his way. We were not particularly close, nonetheless, we cared for each other and he would oblige me always. I guess it was my wife who was instrumental in maintaining the bond.

Relationship with our daughter was smoother. She has an exceptionally good husband who is also a great son-in-law. We spent a great deal of time with her young family.

Relationship with my son took a turn when he had a marital crisis. He then knew our love for him was without boundary. 

Reflecting over the whole matter, I have come to realise that there were missing pieces in my family “development” effort.

My parents had to let their oldest child, who was my eldest brother, live with my grandmother – one of those old-fashioned expectations then. They sent him to an English school. And after finishing his school, he left for Singapore and settled down there. He was a very caring brother. I love to visit and stay with him during school holidays. All my older siblings and I were sent to Chinese schools. However, when it became apparent that prospects for Chinese school leavers were not bright, my family decided to switch me to an English school after I completed my Primary Six. I hated the school I was sent to. Even though we had spent only six years in Chinese school, our thinking and values were very much the Confucian type, especially when many of my teachers were very dedicated to Confucian morals. That had probably sealed my concepts of Rights and Wrongs.

My wife was from a Penang Peranakan background. The language they spoke at home was English. Except for the usual cultural celebrations, they hardly knew anything about China, especially its philosophical sages and history.

When it was time to send my children to school, we naturally opted for the national schools. These are basically Malay-medium schools. However, because of the environment, the lingua franca was English. Both my children excelled in school. I arranged for a lady to give them Chinese lessons once a week. But because she was not really trained in teaching, her effectiveness was so-so. And because there was no opportunity for them to use the language, the effort did not bear any fruit.

Devoid of a basic command in the Chinese language and our failure to provide any guidance or compass in Chinese philosophical thinking, they could only grope in the dark when it came to satisfying my cultural expectations of them. That was the GAP, and my frequent outbursts and their subsequent resentment!

But it also boiled down to my impatience!

Had I behaved like a more thoughtful father, outcomes would have been quite different. My wife has a nephew whose son is was slightly autistic. He is so patient with him. His patience put me to shame!

My son survived the ordeal of having an intolerant father when he was young. No amount of love I now shower on him can erase that wound I have inflicted on him. But I take consolation in the fact that he is so ready to forgive!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Shooting oneself in the foot!

American superiority – economically, scientifically, and thus militarily – was founded largely on its open-arm welcome of usually well-educated and highly productive immigrants and students from all over the world – initially Europe and later East, South and West Asia.  I am afraid this competitive advantage is being hastily thrown away, started by Donald Trump, and now pace accelerated under Joe Biden.

When my nephew was offered a place to do his Engineering in the US in the 1990s, I advised him, “Sam, America is a great place to live. Try to get your green card after you graduate.” What a bad advice from me!

Sam and his wife did get their green card. They have two children now. He works in a senior capacity for a substantial fertilizer company. But he is now seriously considering his employer’s offer to relocate to either Singapore or China. He does not feel safe in America!

I now see video clips of vulnerable Asians of being physically assaulted – for no apparent reasons – by strangers on streets and in public transports. The perpetrators are invariably Blacks. (Somehow the Blacks always want to vent their underclass anger on Asians!) I do not know if most Americans of Chinese descent are feeling that way now. But I am fairly sure most Chinese parents in East Asia are now quite hesitant to send their children for education in America. Chinese students usually go there to pursue STEM courses. Devoid of their enrolment, how competitive American universities will remain, especially they now must compete with some of the most “afraid-to-lose” institutions of higher learning in China?

The West loves to characterize Chinese as copy-cats. Few have bothered to read the history of China and know the prolific nature of that civilization in inventions and innovations. Indeed, China lost its bearings during the later part of the Manchu rule, when it was totally blind to the superiority of western gunboats and their global dominance designs. But China is simply a giant that was forced into temporary submission.

Mao Tze-tung made Chinese stood up. But the backwardness of China after his takeover was too immense for his Great Leap Forward clarion call. Fortunately, Deng was rehabilitated, but devoid of modern infrastructure in toolmaking, it simply could not advance much in the engineering and technology front, hence the need to copy and innovate. But the giant had indeed been awakened.

Within two decades, it became the “factory” of the world. No country could challenge its formidable supply chain infrastructure once this critical mass was reached. But the progress over the last five years or so even more mind-boggling; there is no need for me to repeat what it has achieved.

Much of this collective human capital, hitherto much of it would have gone to and stayed in America, is now locked in China. This, in my opinion, is marking the beginning of the decline of American hegemony in this world.

Joe Biden can say, we still have our traditional intellectual constituents – the Caucasians, and the Jews, and the influx of the Latinos, South and other Asians, etc – to count on. I am not sure about the strength of that argument. The racial divide has not improved much since Martin Luther King, Jr’s march on Washington in 1963. Few Blacks think hard about their future. The Caucasians and the Jews are cruising on a plateau; few need to go beyond their traditional turfs. And coming to South Asians, particularly Indians, you see many Fortune 500 companies and great universities are headed by them. They also have a fair share of Nobel prizes. Many are world-class managers and scientists, but few are entrepreneurs or product/service disruptors in their own right. And millions of economic refugees are trying to enter America. It will take at least a generation or two before these immigrants can really contribute to the brain capital of America.

Chinese have yet to leave great footprints on fundamental research. But once they get to know the ABC in a certain field, they will collectively push all frontiers not only to extend their prowess all the way to XYZ linearly, but also to stretch the alphabets along the way concentrically in three dimensions like an expanded balloon. Yes, just like the western world, China also has many high-tech billionaires, but unlike the West, they would be reined in if their actions were deemed compatible to the greater good policies seen in the Chinese society.

Instead of working with China to benefit the world, it seeks to contain China by demonizing it. The US can scream until its lung collapses about  the Uighurs and forced labour in cotton fields in Xinjiang, the security laws in Hong Kong, and laboratory leak in Wuhan, and sooner, the plight of Tibetans. But are they the real champions? Anyone who is capable of distilling information will conclude it is all hypocrisy. This bad-mouthing strategy simply is no longer workable in this cyber world, when information and knowledge are all available with just a couple of clicks.

Indeed, Trump has let out the Genie, and Biden is making it to roam wild. Who is the loser at the end of the day?

Someone recently forwarded me a video about how America had created a formidable foe in Vladimir Putin. Isn’t this a worse nightmare?

Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Horse Has Bolted!

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced that Malaysia will undergo a national lock-down starting from June 1, after seeing Covid-19’s daily infection figure had shot past 8000.

I suspect the measure will not help much. Spike will continue.

Even until today, the world for various reasons will not want to recognize that China is the only country that has succeeded in containing the virus. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan have often been cited as the success stories. But there is still so much tentativeness in these countries. Taiwan is a good example of how things can wrong again.

Fighting a virus like Covid-19 requires the discipline of both the government and its people. There is a complete determination not to allow the virus to spread. The moment a cluster emerges in China, everyone STAYS IN. Food is delivered and essential services are provided with well thought out and well organised logistics. And other provinces – far and near, and uniformed personnel and civilians – rush to help with all the necessary economic and medical back-ups.

No other country, even the western ones, seemed able to do this, hence the agony that most of their citizens have gone, or are now going, though. Countries that able to finally crawl out are those that have vaccinated enough percentages of their populations to slow down the spread. But the virus has not been wiped out yet.  

Malaysia is a sad story. It started well. But soon it faltered – both in managing the containment of the virus and the roll-out of vaccines.

First, about its efforts in virus containment: The state election in Sabah allowed ignited the first bush fire, half-hearted MCOs (Movement Control Orders) allowed the embers to simmer, and the tendency of the government to accommodate turned cultural and religious festivals into new sparks all over the country.

The definition of essential services is also vague. Succumbing to appeals, the government allows exemptions after exemptions and the rippling effect makes everything becomes porous again. The whole country is now infected; there are no “clean” pockets to assist, like what Wuhan had during the outbreak.

But more importantly, it is the lack of self-discipline that many Malaysians are exhibiting. You see people wearing their mask below their nose of chin everywhere you go, including those who hawk produce and serve food in the wet markets. You also see young people chatting away publicly. I go for my morning and evening walks every day. Many people, including those seemingly well-educated ones, are casual with SOPs, like keeping a safe distance or going single file when we walk past or cross each other.

Second, its vaccine roll-out: It is simply not doing it fast enough. It is the only way that we can contain the spread.

The roll-out has created much anxiety amongst Malaysians. The efforts seem not well coordinated. Hopefully with the amount of feedback, the government has come to grips with the process and no time should be lost to have the programmes executed in a speedy manner. And on this, there are tons of good examples to follow.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Taking up the West's Gauntlet

The president of Iran Hassan Rouhani is stepping down soon. Rouhani is generally considered a moderate. I read somewhere that an ex-president of Iran is making a comeback. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is an anti-American and anti-Israel hawk. Obviously, he must have received the blessings of Iran’s present supreme leader Ali Khamenei to return to the political scene.

This development again demonstrates the short-term nature and short-sightedness of the American foreign policies. Barrack Obama succeeded in reining in the nuclear ambition of Iran to sign the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). His effort was only destroyed by Donald Trump with a stroke of a pen. Trump has let the genie out. Joe Biden knows that was a bad mistake, but he is not bold enough to repeal all the silly sanctions for Iran to halt its uranium-enrichment activities. The Iranians are a very smart race, they can easily produce nuclear weapons if there are no external constraints.

The situation is prompting Israel to do the pre-emptive stuff – attacking the Hamas. Soon it might train its guns on Iran and its allies in the region. If left unchecked, the war will spill over and the whole Middle East will be in turmoil again. Silly America!

America is indeed delusional. Couple of months before the outbreak of Covid-19, my wife and I took a month-long coach tour of America, from New York to San Francisco. The country has stood still for a long time, many parts have actually deteriorated to become unimaginable for a superpower to have. People looked laid-back; many are outright obese. New York is no longer vibrant; homelessness is third world like in San Francisco. But instead of gathering resolve to do something to rejuvenate America, politicians there are fighting head over heel to gang up with sycophants to make use of every opportunity to retard the rise of China, to threaten Moscow and to coerce lesser leaders in many countries not to work with China.

American hegemony began after the US emerged at the end of World War II as the undisputed superpower of the world. USSR tried to challenge it, but its brand of Communism simply could not make it happen. And Boris Yeltsin shot his own foot by dismembering the union. Russia is a shade of its former self in terms of influence now. There was no challenger to the US, for many many years.

Deng Xiaoping unleashed the dragon. Unlike `Mikhail Gorbachev, he did not blindly copy the West. He freed up the entrepreneurial spirts of Chinese. China continued to take pride in saying it is a Communist country. But its Communism is very different from that of the USSR’s or that the world has all along understood and associated – totalitarian, lack of human rights, so on and so forth. They did not (and still do not) know what was deeply embedded in China’s political system is “Confucianism” – rulers must do good for its people, people must respect for law and order, and public good must take precedence over individual rights – and the innate appetite of Chinese to learn, especially in STEM. Its millennia’s cultural philosophy became the bastion against superficial democratic beliefs and practices. China began to leap-frog.

However, it was not until the inauguration of Xi Jinping that China became a formidable challenger to the American hegemony. He fights corruption head-on, expedites the country’s infrastructure development, goes all out to alleviate poverty, and, in the eyes of America, the most “sinful” of all, advances the Road & Belt programmes to change the world order!

Xi has succeeded most of these and this has led America and the West to fear that if they do not do anything now, their lordship over the world will soon be over. This is delusionary. China will rise regardless, but it will be a nation that is happy to coexist with the world. It will not try to change the world in anyway, for it understands no single race, culture, religion, ideology, or system can claim supremacy; each is unique to its own needs and future.

However, China still has some distance to cover. Much of the country is already “intellectual”, again thanks to its Confucian heritage. The nouveau riche, on one end of the social yardstick, to the more rural simpletons on the end, are already conscious what constitutes proper etiquette, thanks to the “education” that its TV channels are introducing. Now you often see campaigns to ask people to exercise good “chopstick” practices, road courtesies, public space behaviours, etc. All these measures may look mundane, but they are transformational in essence.

Pro-independence Taiwanese should wake up. By running China now, you are only giving the West the opportunity to make you subservient to them in the long run. Only with a strong China, will all the yellow and brown skin people be safe in every part of the world. I do not mean to be a racist; but that appears to be the reality in front of us.

Monday, May 17, 2021

A Word for Biden

With a good education, many can climb the “intellect” ladder. Intellect has the “knowledge” as well as the “discerning, distilling or differentiating” dimensions. An intellectual do not see and interpret things in a linear fashion; he or she is able to extrapolate or see beyond the obvious. However, there is another level in cognitive grading that few can attain. That is WISDOM.

Wisdom is something that can hardly be learned. It grows into a person – through exposure to, and more importantly his own cognition to absorb from, people who have plenty of it. University professors are equipped intellectually, but not many have wisdom to offer. Wisdom is missing in most politicians.

Dr Mahathir is my favourite example. He is all by accounts a formidable intellect. But I would not rate him “wise” in the context of my understanding of the word. His Machiavellianism on race management when he had all the aura and resources to do a better job for posterity is the red card I think he deserves. Tunku Abdul Rahman was not a brilliant man; he was hardly known for his intellect. But most Malaysian would agree that he was indeed a great wise leader.

On the world stage, I held some high hope on Joe Biden when he was campaigning for the presidency. I thought he was only trying to play to the American gallery when he labelled President Xi of China as a thug. Maybe he would talk and walk differently when he became the president, this is what I though. This is despite what I have read about him in Barrack Obama’s “A Promised Land”. I could sense that Biden was not held in high esteem by Obama, even though the latter wrote fondly of him. Much of his counsel was not adopted by Obama. Nonetheless, he did strike me as a reasonably fair-minded man during his presidential campaign. (Maybe I was too influenced by my contempt for the conman Donald Trump, hence the good score for Biden without seeing him in action first!)

Notwithstanding, I was happy to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Alas, Biden shattered my confidence in him no sooner he took office!

Despite his age, and his long years of public service, Biden’s Wisdom Quotient is close to ZERO! His foreign relations behaviour beyond America’s sycophants borders infantility. He is even more vicious than Trump when it comes to China. He is behaving like a school bully and is rounding up the leaders of Australia, Japan, the UK, Canada, India, and several European countries to hurl mud at China. Of course, these lesser mortals have their own political agenda to chorus along. But sadly, many people in these countries have also lost their ability to think and are blindly believing in the lies and distortions his team are spewing about Xinjiang and Hong Kong. The Asian hatred that has been unleashed by Trump has continued, even though he has promised otherwise. Unable to take on the Whites, the Blacks in America, few of whom have the benefit of civilisational history and culture to shape their thoughts, are increasingly turning to the Yellows to vent their frustrations. And in India, neighbourhood jealousies have prompted many to spurn anything Chinese, even the help China is offering in the wake of the out-of-control Covid-19 situation the country is facing at this time.

But I believe the most dangerous act of Biden is his decision to send his naval flotilla to South and East China Seas. His act has emboldened Taiwan’s present pro-independence leaders to think China will not dare to act even though China has made it abundantly clear that the island’s leaders have already breached their red line. Australia, Japan, and the UK are most keen to join the US to beat the drums. One can understand Japan’s design to help the US to keep China and Taiwan apart, but for Australia to do so is surely a folly, for China is its biggest trading partner. What threat does it pose to Australia, a question the leaders must surely ask themselves? And as for the UK, Boris Johnson is totally delusional; he thinks Hong Kong is still his!

Biden has also aggravated both the trade and tech wars between the US and China. He is not scaling back on the stupidities of Trump in the former. And by appointing Catherine Tai as his Trade Representative, he is using a blatant poison to fight poison strategy on China.

The US is depriving China access of chips and chip-making equipment made even by non-US companies, all in the name of safeguarding its national security. How absurd America can be? Its action has strengthened the Chinese resolve to work harder. And by denying Huawei’s participation in their 5G rollout, the US and many others are simply shooting themselves in the foot.

Over the past couple of months, you have also seen the Xinjiang cotton issue. Now that much of the mud has been washed away, it is spinning about forced labour being used by China there to produce solar panels. Even though WHO has set much of the record straight, the US continues to insinuate China’s role in the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic. China had shown the world how the pandemic should be fought, yet few in the western world would give it any credit. The western world just loves to wear blinkers. Recently it even used the return of the Chinese rocket to Earth as an issue to find fault with China. The statements by NASA and its Secretary of Defense Llyod Austin reinforce how low they have stooped. Anyone who has a high school knowledge of rocket trajectories will tell you they were talking rubbish. The US has obviously forgotten that China, like them, has the capability to shoot a space object if they want to.


The US-China “wars” have also shown how mature many of the ASEAN leaders are. Ditto some of the leaders in West Asia, Serbia and Hungary in Europe, and South America. They can see the hypocrisy in the US leadership and have acted rationally and objectively, despite the persistent pressure from the US government. The European Union is particularly disappointing; they easily caved in.

I had always held great admiration for people who were educated at Harvard. Not anymore – after what I have seen in Mike Pompeo and Antony Blinken! The former is a thug, and the later, an incoherent jackal trying to be statesmanlike.

Biden is now giving the Americans a sense of false security. He has obviously done a better job in the country than his conman predecessor. (Anybody would be able to do that!) But its own race relations are in deep shit. Biden is also “printing” money feverishly to move the country forward – investments in infrastructure, education, and what-have-you. But the bottom line is simply that it has forgotten how to produce things competitively. Soon, inflation will return and if the US Dollar’s decline accelerates, it will soon have to bite the dust.

A wise leader will not follow conventional wisdom. He must bite the bullet and do the difficult things. But most American presidents cannot see beyond the tip of their nose, even though theirs are pretty long. And Biden is no different. China’s rise is inevitable. But China's rise is not going to threaten the West, let alone the US. Biden needs to think beyond his presidency. The country is so divided, and majority of the Americans hardly read and travel; most are intellectually deficient. Its infrastructure needs a generation’s efforts to improve, its rich-poor divide is like heaven and hell, so on and so forth.

And it really pains me each time I see Huawei’s Meng Weng Wenzhou leaving her cage to go to the Canadian court. How cruel the West can be? Yet, they are shouting about human rights!

                                            A victim of American tyranny?

My advice to China and Chinese all over the world is this: Hold dear to your Confucian values and course; things will work out for you finally. In the meantime, as the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokeswoman Madam Hua Chunying has suggested, we should present the US with a huge mirror for them to take a good look at themselves.

Maybe wisdom is something that one cannot really learn?

Biden may not understand this, China’s wisdom is not Xi Jinping’s alone. It is a culmination of thousands of years of learning, fighting, searching, tinkering, enduring, persevering, etc. Little has come easy for the Chinese.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Language Chauvinism

Getting “tradies” to attend to small faults or repairs is expensive in both Melbourne and Shah Alam. I am my own handyman at home. Bunnings Warehouses in Australia are very well-stocked; you can get virtually everything on building and garden needs under the sun. In Malaysia, traditional hardware shops are everywhere, but they are usually messy in terms of product display. The nearest equivalents to the Bunnings are Ace Hardware and Mr DIY. However, in terms of comprehensiveness, they are a far cry from the Bunnings.

This lack of comprehensiveness is not a big issue to me, since my things I usually look for are not uncommon most of the time. It is the lack of product knowledge and language skills that the workers in places like Ace Hardware and Mr DIY have that annoy me each time I visit them. A couple of days ago, I was looking to buy a file at Citta Mall’s Ace Hardware. None could understand me! When I found the stock, the woman shop assistant sheepishly said she thought I was looking for files in the stationery sense! She could not understand English, and I could not say “file” in Malay! I proceeded to Mr DIY in the same complex to procure the cheaper stuff. I asked for grout. It was Greek to the shop assistant. I had to point to the joints between the tiles on the floor to show him what grout was. 

English proficiency among the workers in Malaysia is now close to zero. And this trend is also true in many countries. If you do not venture out, I suppose there is nothing wrong with it. However, if you must go to another country to earn a living, then you will find yourself totally handicapped. The security guards from Nepal and the domestic helps from Indonesia are obvious examples in Malaysia. We also have compatriots commuting to Singapore everyday to earn a living. Many have to settle for very low-end jobs across the causeway, and lack of English proficiency is usually a cause.

All this is basically a result of misplaced language chauvinism in most countries.

Our schools used to produce students who could at least master two languages – English and Malay – and the student’s mother tongue of either Mandarin or Tamil. In an overzealous effort to make the National Language, namely, Malay, pre-eminent in the country, the country makes them totally inadequate in English and many opportunities are hence shut to them. The general lack of English proficiency makes the country uncompetitive in the fast-changing world. At best it could only benefit from the demand, rather than the supply, side of the economic equation.

Most foreign workers in Malaysia from countries like Myanmar, Nepal and Indonesia can also hardly speak English. Some leaders of these countries are aware of this handicap and I sense some efforts are already underway to make their students learn English in a more serious manner.

Malaysia is uniquely advantaged to promote wider use of English. Maybe as much as half the population has good command of the language. But if the decline is not addressed with a sense of purpose and urgency, we will see English speaking becomes the preserve of the elite class in the country.

I am not a defender of the English language. Whether we like it or not, English is the default international language today. We cannot change history; we all know why this has happened. No country today can hope to replace English with its own language as the lingua franca of the world. More and more people may learn Chinese, but I dare say it cannot replace English internationally. Chinese in China are also aware of this reality; many are learning to speak and write English well.

What more for a country like Malaysia or Indonesia or Thailand or Myanmar or Nepal or for that matter any country that talks up language chauvinism? It will simply not be able to keep up with what is happening in the STEM front, which is the basic building block for progress.

In short, every country should equip its people with at least two languages – its national language and English, supplement by whatever mother tongues or dialects in its regions to maintain cultural heritages. Not all cultural practices are good. Bad ones will ultimately fade as a matter of course in this every well connected world, but these are also useful lessons in improving a race’s competitiveness or survival chances.

Blind language chauvinism is a sure way to strangle your own race.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Proud of Our Heritage, but Concerned over Kinsmen’s Safety

Donald Trump had unleased a China/Chinese-hating trend in many parts of the world, particularly in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and India. His most vicious attack dogs, everybody knows, were Mike Pompeo and Peter Navarro. There were many lesser ones, but no less vicious. Many thought Joe Biden would have the wisdom to unwind what Trump and his attack dogs had inflicted on China/Chinese, unfortunately, he has turned out to be a big disappointment.

As a matter of fact, Biden has proven to be more dangerous. His Cabinet and key officials are even more overzealous in going about trying to contain China.

The so-called threat from China is all hypocrisy – concerns about genocide in Xinjiang and democracy in Hong Kong, etc. They choose not to look at themselves in the mirror! The containment is only about one thing: To stop China’s progress at all costs!

Canada, the UK, Australia, some countries in Europe, Japan, and India are all too happy to join in the crusade. The mainstream political leaders there know all the human rights narratives about Xinjiang and Hong Kong are not largely untrue, but they will beep crying wolves for a simple reason: they know 70% of their constituencies and support bases are a very naïve lot. They are largely incapable of distilling facts from falsehoods. Throw enough mud and it will stick in no time.

I am proud of my Chinese heritage, even though I continue to be critical of some of the behaviours shown by kinsmen from Mainland China. I would not hesitate to write to correct their exultations, if I see that they are based on misplaced beliefs. But I notice that they are changing fast – great improvements are very evident in personal hygiene, in social etiquette and in tastes.

It is a fact that many Japanese and Indians do not like Chinese, but few have openly abuse Chinse in public places. Ditto Canadians and Europeans, who are usually more “cultured” as to resort to violence to express their dislike.

But not this 1% or so in the US and Australia. They are most dangerous. They will attack anyone who looks like Chinese in grocery markets, on sidewalks and in public transports. Many of the victims are helpless old people. And some are pretty fatal. Many of these attackers in the US category are Blacks. The irony is this: they get abused themselves, yet they will throw their anger at Asians. Some of the video clips on these attacks really make my blood boil!

Americans and the British are rearing their ugly heads. Instead of resorting to this under-the-belt measures, they should pull themselves together and compete with China without excuses and pretensions!