Monday, August 28, 2017

The Folly of Buying Stuff On-line

Friends may remember the nasty accident I had last year, when a reckless cab driver came straight for me even though I was crossing a road on “green”. I ended up spending 48 days and undergoing10 surgeries/procedures in a hospital. Even though the wound inflicted on my left heel pad has largely healed, I still need a cane to balance myself when standing or walking, lest I may fall over and being accused of outraging some sweet-young-thing’s modesty!

I am a sucker for good taste stuff. But the walking sticks or canes sold in stores here are quite plain. I saw my sister-in-law carried a very well-made one. My niece had bought it for her in Japan. I decided to google and was directed to MonotaRo’s website. This e-commerce company sounds Japanese enough. I quite liked the Royal Brown model (0401-558815), It said that “the product was made in Japanese standard”. I promptly effected my purchase through my credit card: SGD68.41, including shipping.

The one shown in the website

What was delivered

It took weeks before the product was delivered to me. But it was NOT what I expected to see!

It looked every inch China-made, and a very low-end joint for that! True enough, a little sticker confirmed it “Made in China”.

And the canes which I am presently using are made in Taiwan. They are at least few shades better in quality than this China-made one. None cost more than SGD20!

Is it wise to buy stuff like this on-line?

I wrote to MonotaRo to complain; it has yet to give me an answer.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, global ambition with your type of English?

Chinese institutions and enterprises harbouring global ambitions ought to be more careful with their English when they publicise themselves!

I copied the following from an advertisement in my Facebook pages. I was trying to do a screen shot of it but could not find it after I posted a “Bad English” comment on it. Maybe they have removed it.

No prizes for spotting the mistakes…

想提升自己的学历获得文凭,在职场有更好的发展吗?Looking to deepen your skills and obtain an academic qualifications?

就业率连续4年全球第一,薪资增长率172%,上海交大安泰MBA,真正助您走上职业生涯的巅峰!注册参加分享会获得详情!Signup our workshop to learn about Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai ASEAN MBA!

时间:826 下午3:30pm
地点:30 Allanbrooke Road Sentosa Island, Singapore 099983

Coming from a university that claims to be one of the top institutions of higher learning in the world, this is certainly unbecoming!