Friday, May 23, 2014

Lorenzo and Vonza, Shame on you...

I bought a dining set, amongst other stuff, for my little pad at Saujana Resort from Lorenzo's showroom at Sunway Pyramid. Two years or so later, the 'leather' started to flak and the chairs became very unsightly. I went back to the showroom only to complain - only to find that it had ceased business. I tried call their numbers. no response.

Learning that there was another Lorenzo outlet across the Taman Bahagia LRT station, I lost no time in visiting them. A lady manager promptly gave me her name and email address. Simple, I just had to mail her the original receipt and a photo of the condition of the chairs. One month passed, nothing from this lady. I sent in a reminder. Again nothing from them. I have more or less resigned to seeing such attitude that I decided not to lose my cool with them. I promise myself; I would never buy anything from Lorenzo again!

When I was driving in the Subang area one day, a furniture outlet attracted my attention. I asked if they would be able to reupholster  the chairs. No problem; M$360 each! I told them that I had to return to Melbourne in a month's time. No problem, we can do it for you. The chairs never came back in time as promised. I was in town again a couple of times after that. 'Not ready yet.' I was told each time I called. I even went to the showroom to have a show-down with them. But what could you do with those girls who didn't have a clue of what I was angry with them about?

One fine day, they called to deliver. What? Only five out of the chairs were mine; the other three were totally different in design. They were certainly not the chairs I had left with them. I decided not to pay them the balance and ignore the owners frantic calls and SMSs after that.

I finally took delivery of the last three today - after making Lucy, who over the phone introduced herself as Vonza's owner, sweat for the last couple of months!

There are so many Lorenzo and Vonza type of business people in Malaysia!


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