Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Nice from far; far from nice
Malaysia's newest icon Klia2 is certainly nice from far. But using it is far from nice! 

You seem to have to walk for miles to reach your aircraft. Arriving is worse if you have to use the airport's taxi service. Signage was poor; fortunately, the staff are courteous enough to give your direction. You need to descend one floor to reach the taxi rank. Sorry lah if you are arriving or returning with heavy baggage! And the girls manning the taxi coupon counters, besides their lack of proficiency in English, have hardly been trained for the job; most destinations to them - as far as I can see - appear to be located in the outer space! 

Distance-wise, Klia2 is fractionally nearer to my pad in Saujana Resort than KLIA1. The fare for a premier taxi from KLIA1 is $85.20  (or thereabout). But it is something like $118 for the same class from Klia2. You save on budget air travel only to be slugged on the ground! (The drivers are hardly to be blamed, though.)

How many bosses there practise MBWA (management by walking about)??? Instead of going all over the world to study other great airports to emulate, I suggest they to to Changi to see how things are done there. And Changi is only 300km or thereabout from Klia2.

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