Sunday, November 16, 2014

A journey through the Balkans

Tirana, Albania: A university dedicated to the study of UFO?

A reminder of the conflicts after the break-up of Yugoslavia

The best lamb roast in Bosnia

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria here (Sarajevo) in 1914 triggered the First World War

Time for pomegranate juice!

The Muslim-Christian divide in Sarajevo - Noticeable?

Time to catch up!

A casino?

It works perfectly!

Zagreb's tram service can put Melbourne's to shame

This manhole cover is made of brass; it would be long gone if it is found in our part of the world!

A sidewalk café; how creative!

Croatians, the people that invented necktie

Consider first before you walk in...

Only for those who love Armani

Jiuzhagou of the West

The new monuments in Skopje, Macedonia

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