Sunday, December 21, 2014

A kurang-ajar of the highest order

Some days ago, a well-intentioned friend forwarded me something about Alvin Tan’s brilliance – a conclusion based apparently on an article by this chap’s on the on “evolution” of mice. I thought it was basically a very rudimentary stuff which he had plucked out from books on Darwinism.

I have written about “kurang ajar” (lack of good upbringing) before. If there is any candidate whom I think is best suited to wear this hat, it has to be Alvin Tan. I wouldn’t care a hoot if he decided to show off his sexual prowess in YouTube or Facebook or even all the social media in the world, but his bahkut-teh  (pork-rib tea dish) posting to taunt Muslims made me think this chap was mentally sick. Of course, this would have been a small matter elsewhere, but friends, we are living in Malaysia! I could fully understand his decision to seek asylum in the States, since his liberty is totally at stake. But he couldn’t control his big mouth. No sooner had he landed than he started to taunt the powers that be again. “Come and catch me if you can,” he loudly brags.
He is certainly safe now. But his antics also speak volumes of his immaturity. As it is, many have been hauled up on seditious charges for speaking out courageously on just issues, his childishness might just make life even more difficult for the real heroes.

Alvin Tan is certainly NO hero! To me he is a "kurang ajar" of the highest order.

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