Monday, December 1, 2014

A Reincarnation Poser

I was relating about a reincarnation mural I saw in one of the temples in Bhutan to a white Aussie colleague over a cold beer one day. I was given to understand that reincarnation works like a clock; if you do good, you get promoted and keep moving upwards until you reach XII. If you are a no-good fellow, you keep slipping down and end up in VI. I can't remember whether the climb and the slip is clockwise or anti-clockwise. I suppose it doesn't matter.

At the end of my description, Jeff asked: How then does a human, having slipped down the ladder to become a worm, now hope to crawl back to be a human? What's the redemption path?

But I suppose you may be able to do "it" with the help of the good elephant and the holy monkey...
This talk reminds me of the Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer PPS status I used to enjoy and the MAS Enrich Platinum card I now hold. SQ was quick to elevate me to PPS, but soon I found myself demoted to Gold the following year and Silver the next! MAS is now threatening me that I need to travel more to maintain my Platinum!

Climbing back is sure a hard slog. In the case of the "once-upon-a-time human" worm, is his (or its) brain still intact for him to repent his (or its) way back?

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