Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Ghost?

Notice any unusual image in the picture below?

We were in Peru's part of Amazonia on the eve of this new year. Our lodge Pasada is right in the thick of the forest.

The picture was captured by my son-in-law when we were walking back to our rooms after the modest celebration at the dining hall. It was past 10pm, if I remember correctly. Our rooms were at the far end of the corridor which was dimly lit.

Sensing something strange, Konfir decided to take a keener look at the picture he had taken. He decided to show it to us.

Near the left wall of the corridor, and on top of my grandson's head, there seems to be an image of a "being".

I personally don't believe in the existence of ghosts. But we definitely could recall that there was no one around that time, except three of us.

To be this is a case of an optical illusion. But some of our folks have insisted otherwise.

I leave the imagination to you!

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