Friday, January 20, 2017

Ling Ch'i Ching - A Classic Chinese Oracle

This book, probably owned by a predecessor of my office, has been lying on the shelf without my bothering to take a look until today.

I have heard of I-Ching, loosely translated as the Book or Scripture of Change, but Ling Ch’i Ching?

The authors are Ralph Sawyer, a MIT- and Harvard-schooled intellectual, and his wife Mei-Chün Lee. The authors described it as a classic Chinese oracle.

I am not a fan of oracle stuff. But it does arouse my curiosity.

Apparently, the authorship is unknown. It was probably written in the Wei-Chin period (222-419 AD).

The oracle comprises four each of the following: Heaven, Man and Earth. By tossing the twelve disks, 125 outcomes are possible. Each reveals an oracle and for which a verse is provided. The rest is your “hope” or “fear”.

I thought I should share this newfound knowledge with friends.

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  1. This knowledge for some of us in our 60s through 80s were discovered in our 20s and has proven its worth through use. Keep an open heart and lay the mind down which is skeptical to all new things. These are the teachings, ways and practices of the emotional body and the soul body under grandmother which were written down eventually by grandfather. One dries up with only a mind of the patriarch (the sun cults) of the last two thousand years.