Friday, January 20, 2017

Ling Ch'i Ching - A Classic Chinese Oracle

This book, probably owned by a predecessor of my office, has been lying on the shelf without my bothering to take a look until today.

I have heard of I-Ching, loosely translated as the Book or Scripture of Change, but Ling Ch’i Ching?

The authors are Ralph Sawyer, a MIT- and Harvard-schooled intellectual, and his wife Mei-Chün Lee. The authors described it as a classic Chinese oracle.

I am not a fan of oracle stuff. But it does arouse my curiosity.

Apparently, the authorship is unknown. It was probably written in the Wei-Chin period (222-419 AD).

The oracle comprises four each of the following: Heaven, Man and Earth. By tossing the twelve disks, 125 outcomes are possible. Each reveals an oracle and for which a verse is provided. The rest is your “hope” or “fear”.

I thought I should share this newfound knowledge with friends.

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