Monday, March 4, 2013

Another memorable read... Zen Baggage

Zen Baggage, a pilgrimage to China by Bill Porter (2009)

Porter is not a new-age Buddhist; he is a true practitioner. He has translated Chinese and Sanskrit Buddhist poetry and sutras into English. His knowledge of Zen is extraordinary and far exceeds many of the so-called proponents of Zen amongst us. In this book, he goes on a pilgrimage to sites all over China that bear the footprints of the first six patriarchs of Zen. He does not indulge in hearsay, myth or folklore, the wisdom he offers is empirically based.

Even if you consider yourself an expert in Zen, I urge you to take a read of this book.

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  1. In ZEN,nobody exist to be an expert or a fool.It is to realise that entire universe and living beings are unreal [mere virtual realities] The Tao that can be describe is not the eternal Tao