Saturday, March 16, 2013

Love Abalone?

There are apparently two varieties of abalone - the Black Lips and the Green Lips. The two in the picture below were "caught" off the shores of South Australia. Fresh from the sea, they are best eaten raw - sashimi style. (I suggest you don't eat your abalone raw if it is offered by restaurants; chances they carry bacteria once they are left in the tank for too long.)

But we see in the canned ones are from the farms. A typical grow-out pan is shown below.

Some South Australians have gone into growing them in these pans for a couple of months and then transferring them - in specially designed platforms - to protected sea beds to grow to commercially desired sizes. The Chinese are said to be also adopting this grow-out technique along some stretches of its coast. Cleanliness is absolute in Australia.
"Dry" commands huge premium, especially those prepared by Japanese - with their secret processing technique. A gentleman in Adelaide, who happens to be ex-Malaysia, says that he has already perfected a technique which he claims is as good as that of the Japanese.


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