Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Strategy, Organisation and Chinese Entrepreneurship, an aborted work

The Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) saw fit to publish this book of mine Strategic Management in Malaysia, Concepts & Illustrations in 2001. For my effort, I was given some tens of copies as a token of appreciation.

I don't believe it sold well. I also did not bother to sell any of my copies; instead, I extended them free-of-charge to friends and relatives - principally to show off - whenever we talked about personal "achievements". My last copy survived on my shelf until a new neighbour moved in. David (Hugo) and his wife called one day. He promised to return once he had read it. He never did. He had since moved out of our apartment block. Too bad!

After this 2001 effort, I sat down to write a more updated book. After many tonnes of mid-night oil, the following is what I have produced. Unfortunately, I just do not have the "mood" to sit down to edit it properly, nor the desire to spend money on a good editor, so that I can have it published. Nonetheless, I thought there were some good stuff in there that I could share with friends; hence this decision to provide a e-link below to anyone interested.


Happy reading!

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