Sunday, August 9, 2020

Another BS...

The following is another BS I have just received in one of my WhatsApp chat groups:

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Doctors in China confirm.

100 準確 信息

This information is 100% accurate

對於 每個 非常 有效。

Very effective for everyone

為什麼 中國 大陸 過去 幾天 大大 減少 感染 人數

China has significantly reduced the number of infections in the past few days.

除了 口罩 洗手

Besides wearing masks and washing hands

他們 只是 簡單 每天 漱口 3 鹽水

They also gargle salt water 3 times a day

完成 喝水 5 分鐘。

After that, drink warm water for 5 minutes

因為 病毒 只能 喉嚨 侵襲

Because the virus initially only attacks the throat

然後 侵襲 肺部

Then just attack the lungs

受到 鹽水 侵襲 .

When hit by salt water

病毒 死亡 胃中 胃中 下來 胃中 銷毀,

The virus will die or descend and disintegrate in the stomach

預防 冠狀 病毒 流行 唯一 方法

This is one way to prevent Covid19 from being used by people.

市場 沒有 藥品

There is no medicine on the market

所以 不要 購買。

No need to buy

綜合 王叔 醫師 醫師

The General Hospital stated

肺炎 沒有 來到 肺部 之前, Before the crown pneumonia / virus reaches the lungs

喉嚨 部位 存活 4

The virus lives in the throat for 4 days

這個 時候 人們 開始 咳嗽 喉痛。

At this time, the infected start to cough & sore throat.

如果 儘量 喝多 開水 ,

If you can drink as much warm water as possible or salt water

就能 消滅 病菌。

Can eliminate viruses

儘快 訊息 轉達 一下

Hurry and spread this message.

因爲 他人 命!

Because you will save someone's life

翻译 2020 4 2

Translated by Liu Zan kun on April 2, 2020


I thought a somewhat similar advice was handed out by a Malaysian minister at the outset of this virus. It is all quackery! Advisories like this can diminish the image of Chinese medical science. Silly fellow!

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