Sunday, August 9, 2020

Overzealous Champions, Think before you post!

Recently, following has been circulating in chat groups:

Buy Huawei P40 5G and Forget Apple 12. Point No 9, no need to subscribe to Maxis, DiGi, Celcom, etc 👍👍👍👍

This message is circulating widely in China.

The Apple 12 is about to go on the market soon. This  is the time for us to show our displeasure towards the US bullying and threatening tactics. If Apple 12 gets a poor response in the Chinese market on the day of release, the US will have no face.!!  It's time for us to do something, insist on not buying Apple 12.

Many has join the campaign. Let the United States be defeated without a fight. There are now tens of millions of people forwarding to the Chinese people on the Internet. This  publicity won't fail!! Let us start doing something. China's  domestic mobile phones are really good, use Huawei P40:-

1) It has a master key, you can be connected to the Internet everywhere, in hotels and other places without having to ask anyone for a password to connect.

2) Yes, you can log in to 2 WeChat at the same time.

3) It is a Leica dual-lens photo camera. The effect is the same as the SLR effect. It is a real Leica camera.

4) It has the world's 1st virtual 3-antenna reception. If you reach an area with very poor network coverage, you will still feel good.

5) Is cheaper, 2/3 of Apple's, and much cheaper than Samsung. P40 5G full Netcom is only 5988 Yuan, cost effective.

6) Is easy to download without ID code and password.

7) Is fast, P40 is 8G + 512GB.

8) The most exciting is that Huawei’s mobile phone is implanted with a Beidou chip by end of June '20 to face hundreds of millions of delighted shareholders.

9) There is no need to pay for phone calls and data charges for life. When the chip is installed, no card is needed.

10) Because the chip is satellite based communication, it will receive the high up satellite signals everywhere, is beyond imagination.

11) We support Made in China products.

12) To realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation at an early date.

13) Is to weaken the arrogance of the United States, which is the most crucial.

Please repost to 50 people to win this war. If you see this message, no matter how busy you are, please forward it!


Never mind about the technology; maybe Huawei is really good, but I couldn’t help responded this way:

This is just my personal opinion: “Boycotting” is a form of “inferiority complex” response, usually practised by the Third World. India’s recent sentiment against anything Chinese is a case in point. Huawei is now telling the world that its mobile phones are in many respects better than any in the world, including Apple’s. We should let the market tell the world about this. We do want to give compatriots’ products a helping hand - if they cannot compete in their own right. Otherwise, this is - to me again - a form of “kneah-su” mentally, which Chinese should rise above.


My friend Cheok also joined in with this:

“I think a number of points here are not correct. I have checked with Huawei store as I intend to get one.

 “If no need to have a sim card, why there are 2 slots for sim cards on the phone. The slots could not be used for memory cards.

“Your WhatsApp usage is based on your telephone no. If you don't subscribe to maxis, digital or celcom, where are you going to have your number. How are you going to make calls?

“I support Huawei. But the person who wrote this know nothing about the phone n system.

Don't viral this, it just shows our ignorance.


I leave the judgement to readers. I find many Chinese too overzealous for their own good, at least in terms of credibility! 

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